Beginner's Mistake No. 1

Beginner's mistake #1

Well, what do you think is one of the most common mistakes that happen at the beginning of this colorful hobby? I’ll tell you: you forget to mirror your drawing! Especially if you draw directly on the lino block, this is a typical mistake that can happen to EVERYONE and certainly has happened to everyone. I can’t absolve myself of that either, haha! 😄

Also, if you incorporate type into your drawing, the design is then useless. All the more it hurts when you notice this mistake too late while printing …

But: you learn from mistakes and you usually only make them once! Still, it can be super frustrating. If you want to skip mistakes like this, my course teaches you how to approach a drawing for linocut step by step. To do this, you can either work analog or digital, such as with an iPad Pro!

Drawing directly on the lino block may work great for some. But if you want to print multiple layers on top of each other, you’ll have trouble planning just that. For me, using a small drawing in my sketchbook to plan the rough composition has worked well.

In turn, I get inspiration on Pinterest. Rarely do I just draw away, because planning is an important building block for a balanced design that is easy to print.

In my course, you’ll learn everything you need to get straight into this hobby successfully! We start with a simple design, which we work on together and on the basis of which I guide you through all processes. This way you can concentrate on learning the techniques.

Linocut Tool Guide

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