Cut by cut - your introduction to colourful linocuts

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Hey, I’m Anna and I’m an artist and illustrator with heart and soul. In 2018 I specialized in linoleum printing and since then create my whimsical girls, all dedicated to a particular theme.

New since 2023 are my cheerful children’s motifs, which are mainly from the animal world, as the protection of these is very important to me.

All my motifs unite my love for harmonious color compositions.

What is linocut?

The prints always consist of three overlapping layers of color. To do this, I carve three blocks that are printed on top of each other. Each print is an original and absolutely unique!

I am also delighted to be a Relief Printmaking Ambassador for Cranfield Colours – the manufacturer of my favorite inks.

Online Course

“Cut by Cut” is my online course for linocut print beginners. I show you all the steps it needs and you can join at your own pace.

Linoleum Printing

Some projects I present here – the main part and process can be found in video form on Instagram.

Digital Illustration

I first plan every lino print digitally. These illustration allows me to determine how the print should turn out.

Linocut Tool Guide

Still unsure which tools and products you need for your lino printing starter kit? Just download my guide with product recommendations for linocut beginners – on 6 pages I list all the materials and tools I need to make my colorful prints – and you can do it too!

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Instagram is my main social media channel. There I share Time Lapses, Behind the Scenes, share my experiences and recommendations. I sell my art on Etsy. ♥︎


How does linoleum printing work? What do you need? Can you print without a press? In my blog I share tips and tricks for beginners on printing with linoleum.


If you have a question about my work or would like to work with me, I’m happy to hear from you. ♥︎

Anna Hermsdorf
illustration & linoldruck