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The best products for your lino printing starter kit

Feel like printing yourself? A great idea! The tool list is a good start and will help you to get the best products for beginners right away and will save you from making expensive mistakes. You can now download the list for 0 Euro.

  • What you need to create and transfer your design
  • What carving tools and sizes I can recommend you to start with
  • Which basic colors you need to mix all color shades yourself
  • All you need for a space-saving cleaning set-up
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And if you feel like learning how to print step by step at your own pace, my online course for lino printing beginners is perfect for you.

About the course

I'm Anna Hermsdorf, your expert for colorful lino printing.

On my Instagram channel @annahermsdorf, I’ve been sharing my tips and tricks for printing with linoleum since 2018. Thanks to my videos about the carving and printing process, I was able to organically build a large community of over 85,000 followers.

I want to share this great knowledge. I help creatives like you to find your way into the colorful world of handmade lino printing so you can make great artworks of your own.

My online course shows you step by step how to do it. I hope you’ll join me!