Cut by Cut


  • In about 50 videos, you’ll learn step-by-step how to make your own multicolor linocut print
  • From materials, to the design phase, to carving, printing, and cleaning, I’ll show you everything you need to know
  • Learn at your own pace and when you have time
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I'm Anna Hermsdorf, your expert for colorful lino printing.

On my Instagram channel @annahermsdorf, I’ve been sharing my tips and tricks for printing with linoleum since 2018. Thanks to my videos about the carving and printing process, I was able to organically build a large community of over 85,000 followers.

I want to share this great knowledge. I help creatives like you to find your way into the colorful world of handmade lino printing so you can make great artworks of your own.

My online course shows you step by step how to do it. I hope you’ll join me!

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  • Over 40 step by step videos
  • Group Feature to share & ask questions
  • Lifetime access to all course content
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  • Over 40 step by step videos
  • Group Feature to share & ask questions
  • Lifetime access to all course content
  • Free access to all course updates
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Single payment

one payment over


(incl. VAT)

  • 50 step by step videos
  • Group Feature to share & ask questions
  • Lifetime access to all course content
  • Free access to all course updates
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two installments of


(incl. VAT)

  • 50 step by step videos
  • Group Feature to share & ask questions
  • Lifetime access to all course content
  • Free access to all course updates
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This is what you get in Cut by Cut

Over 40 videos

Learn all the steps to create your own multicolor linocut print in 8 sequential, easy-to-follow modules. The videos combine theory and practice, so you can get started right away.

Material list

A linked list of recommendations for your linocut starter set, divided into Must Have and Nice to Have. If you want to get a preview, you can download my PDF guide for a starter set for 0 Euro here.


Cut by Cut is a self-learning course. You get access to all the videos immediately after booking and can watch and follow along at your own pace at any time. Plus, you have lifetime access!

Overview of Cut by Cut

These 8 modules are your path to your first multicolor linocut print!

Let's start

Welcome to Cut by Cut

  • Intro and about me
  • Influences and style
  • Course objective

Materials & Products

Learn which products you really need for printing from home

  • Materials
  • Paper

The design process

A design that is real fun

  • Collect inspiration
  • Keep a sketchbook
  • Analog drawing exercise
  • iPad Pro drawing exercise
  • Sketch transfer


Everything you need to know about carving

  • Carving tools starter kit
  • Correct posture of the tools
  • Carving exercise
  • Sharpening the tools
  • Carving the mini print
  • Repairing carving mistakes

Printing inks

Achieve excellent print results

  • Color theory
  • Differences between linoleum printing inks
  • Mixing ink: Pink
  • Mixing ink: Yellow
  • Mixing ink: Green
  • Registration – creating the printing template

The printing process

Printing with multiple blocks made easy - by hand or press

  • Preparations for printing
  • Laying out the lino block
  • Application of ink
  • Printing with a press
  • Printing by hand
  • Color swatches and drying process
  • Adjustment of printing template
  • Solving printing problems


Proper cleaning of our utensils

  • Cleaning setup and general rules
  • Cleaning the printing utensils
  • Storing the blocks and utensils

The great course design

We carve and print the large salad bowl design together

  • Creating the registration template
  • Carving and printing the three layers
  • Cleaning the utensils

Updates and bonuses

Let's print this bunny

Drawing, carving and printing this cute bunny. Perfect for easter and perfect for 2023, the year of the rabbit.

Course FAQ - Questions and answers at a glance

As soon as you have purchased the course, you can start.

You will learn how to print with multiple linoleum blocks. My specialty are colorful designs created by printing up to three blocks on top of each other. I show you everything I know in over 40 videos – from planning the design to carving, printing and cleaning. Check out my module overview, all the content is listed there.

After booking you have lifetime access to all content. The booking period runs for one week, but after that the course is yours and you can watch all videos as often as you want!

In this course I teach step by step with many videos how colorful printing with linoleum works. Whether you are a beginner or already have some experience with lino printing, you will learn all the steps to make your own colorful lino prints.

If you’re already an artist, illustrator, tattooist or graphic designer, you’ll certainly have the advantage of finding your own style in linocut print more quickly. Nevertheless, the course is designed so that everyone can start right away, as I will guide you through the entire process with two finished designs. So you are welcome if you are looking for a creative craft hobby.

The course is available in English or German. When booking the course, be sure to select the correct product, as there is no language switcher. In German the course is called „Schnitt für Schnitt”, in English “Cut by Cut”.

All videos are on the online course platform “elopage”. You get a course login and can access the videos online at any time. Watch them at your own pace and as often as you want!

We will cover this topic in detail in the course and you will receive a list of products that I recommend. In advance you can download the PDF tool list from my waiting list, which roughly contains all the useful utensils. Therefore it is worth to put yourself on the waiting list!

The price for the online course is 149 euros. I offer payment in installments in addition to a one-time payment.

In regular intervals (about every 3 months) a launch week takes place, in which I do more advertising for my course. During this time the course is available for 149 Euro. You can find out when these take place via my newsletter.

Still have a question that wasn’t answered? Send me an email at and I will be very happy to answer anything you want to know.

Let’s start your journey into the colorful world of linoleum printing together. I look forward to seeing you in the course!

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Feel like printing yourself? A great idea! The tool list is a great start and will help you  get beginner-friendly products right away and save you from expensive mispurchases. You can download the list now for 0 Euro.

As soon as you have registered, you will receive the instructions directly in your mailbox – and after that, regular information about colorful printing with linoleum from me.