Beginner's mistake #3

This mistake is not too bad – but it can still lead to messy and unclean results in the print. You use too much ink.

This can be seen when the ink splatters over the edges or when fine lines are filled with ink and you can no longer recognize them. Another disadvantage is that oil-based ink dries poorly when you use too much of it! Usually a coat of ink dries within a few days. If you use too much ink, it can take weeks.

You can also tell by the sound it makes. Too much ink sounds like you’re walking through mud when you roll it out. While the right amount of ink sounds quieter and more consistent. There’s a video lesson on this in my online course, you can even do the audio test there!

Using too little ink is less of a problem, we can compensate for that quite easily! The secret behind even prints is a combination of ink, paper and pressure. If a print doesn’t turn out quite right, I’m sure we can salvage it together – I’ve picked up a few tricks over the years to get consistent results. In my online course, I’ll be happy to teach you everything you need to know to achieve outstanding print results.

Are you up for it? Then I would be happy if you join!

Linocut Tool Guide

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