Beginner’s mistake No. 5

Please never do this to your lino block or you will ruin it – probably forever.

Linocut Beginner’s Mistake No. 4

Getting excellent and even printing results isn't that hard if you avoid this mistake!

Beginner’s mistake No. 3

Unclean prints are a result of this mistake that is pretty common during printing, so best is to know about it so you can avoid it.

Beginner’s mistake No. 2

This mistake can hurt a lot so please avoid it at all costs!

Beginner’s Mistake No. 1

This is one of the most common beginner mistakes in linocut and can be super annoying if you don't detect it in time ...

Instructions for your lino printing starter set

Perhaps the biggest hurdle for linocut print beginners is the choice of products and materials. You can easily put together your own set and I'll tell you how!

These 5 products have frustrated me as a lino printing beginner

Top or flop? There are certain products, that can ruin your whole experience, especially as a beginner! So these are my recommendations on what to buy and what not.

Where to buy lino printing supplies?

Good products for lino printing are rarely found in local art supply stores - there you often find only old lino blocks and the simplest carving tools. There is much more choice in the following online stores ...

How to clean your relief inks

Lino printing ink is easy to clean, especially if you reach for these inks ...

Do I need a printing press?

A hand printing press for linocut is a really great tool and I don't want to miss it. But do you need it, to make even prints? Let's see …

My style changes in linocut

Colorful lino printing is my specialty, but I started in black ink only. Let me show you my development from 2018 until today ...

4 simple illustration styles for linocut

These 4 beginner friendly illustration styles are best suited for multicolor lino printing …

Linocut printing tools for beginners

You don't have to spend a lot of money on tools. With these products you can save a lot ...