Beginner's mistake #2

This mistake is really critical because you can hurt yourself badly! Carving requires a lot of attention, but you can be as careful as you want – everyone has slipped with the carving tool and pricked their finger.

More often this happens with the inexpensive carving knife sets because they dull very quickly. Then the blades don’t grip the material as well and it happens: you slip. That alone wouldn’t be all that bad – but many creatives who start this hobby place their hands incorrectly and then stab themselves in the finger. Ouch!

But at least the blades were dull, right? Think again! The force you have to exert with blunt blades is incomparably higher. So you ram the blade into your hand, most likely with a lot of force. Okay – horror scenario over, sorry! But seriously, this doesn’t have to happen!

Holding and guiding a tool safely is not difficult at all, just let me show you. And a sharpened tool glides much better through the material and thus you prevent accidents as well. There are more tips and tricks I can teach you – so go ahead, come join my course and you can fully focus on what’s fun! Carving is meditative if you want 😊

Linocut Tool Guide

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